Art Series

Two Sisters

“Two sisters” is a piece done in pencil, inspired by a real life story of two young sisters who are physically distant from each other, but the nostalgia somehow, keep them connected, though. They are emotionally close to each other and you can see how one talks about the other – it is evident in the countenance, the loving memories, and the inner conversation of both is a breath taking.

How is the drawing conceived?


When I finished my printmaking course at the Artist Proof Studio in Johannesburg, and wondering what my next move would be, I asked myself, “Where do I start?” Then I realized that nothing was to be started, but well, to be continued.

Under the MoonLight

The play ubder the MoonLight

In this series of work I go back to my childhood. I wanted to make my memories of the past real again. I wanted them to be as real as right now, to try and keep them alive. By making these images depicting these moments, I felt as if the past could become more tangible, as if I could hold my memories in my own two hands. And through my fond remembering I could not only recapture my memories but also I could change them, improve them, and immortalize them in golden light.


The Dress _ Art By Jemmiro

In this series of paintings I expose my vulnerability, those moments in life when a tear becomes a friend and holds tight your smile, overwhelmed by a strong fragrance from past or future; those moments in which all you know is nothing – life has ways to leave you naked, brute, or insane – and if there is any sense of morality, it is when you pinch yourself and find out that you are wide awake.