Propagatio by Jemmiro - a review by Khehla Chepape Makgato


Propagation: defined by Oxford dictionary as ‘the reproduction or spreading of something into new regions’. Born Belmiro Antonio Jemusse – better known as Jemmiro, changes the whole definition and gives it a visual motion and promptness. The solo exhibition exudes traces of physical qualities and attitudes– a facial gesticulation here and temperament depiction there.


Soaked in thousand words and urged by surroundings to come up with a concise explanation or a statement of what was going on in my mind at that specific moment – I saw that there was nothing better than a painting. They say “picture talks louder than thousand words”; so, why bother?

At that specific moment I looked around me and saw a blank canvas, but the size and the format did not match or sooth my vision. Without wasting time I ordered one.


In the efforts to “find himself” as an artist, Jemmiro has produced a number of works, notably “Fragments”, “Finding The Inner Child” and “Under The Moonlight”, the latter was featured in a solo exhibition.

Till this Day

Kilograms of words sank in her heart
Nothing fancy in his attempt to win her soul.

With no voice she raised her eyes
To dress her inner life with all what she thought to be fair.
She smiled once, twice…
With her eyes sinking in her soul,
She did not say a word,
But the status of her face,
In an attempt to give a cheer,
Froze for a moment or two.


Finding The Inner Child

I recently found myself as being in an endless search – even though, some art experts say that I am at home with my techniques and style, assuming that I found my position in my art-making world… I hate to admit that I feel as I am still too far to find myself a comfortable corner where I can happily say: “here, as an artist, I came and I stay”. There are endless possibilities that I may wake up tomorrow with a completely different style or technique – It’s weird though, it scares me as well, but who cares?