Finding The Inner Child

I recently found myself as being in an endless search – even though, some art experts say that I am at home with my techniques and style, assuming that I found my position in my art-making world… I hate to admit that I feel as I am still too far to find myself a comfortable corner where I can happily say: “here, as an artist, I came and I stay”. There are endless possibilities that I may wake up tomorrow with a completely different style or technique – It’s weird though, it scares me as well, but who cares? What if the new work becomes the best I ever did?

Each painting or drawing I do, I feel as a step towards my goal as an artist, but funny enough, each piece I finish I feel as the beginning of it all. Welcome to my world!

Art has been my soul mate for a little more than decade, and all I do is to find the inner child and try to enjoy the most in all I create.