Soaked in thousand words and urged by surroundings to come up with a concise explanation or a statement of what was going on in my mind at that specific moment – I saw that there was nothing better than a painting. They say “picture talks louder than thousand words”; so, why bother?

At that specific moment I looked around me and saw a blank canvas, but the size and the format did not match or sooth my vision. Without wasting time I ordered one.

Forty and something minutes later the blank canvas I ordered arrived in the atelier. Now, with the vision still fresh, I threw myself to the canvas, colour here, colour there, lines here and other lines there, brush strokes here and others there…. Some minutes standing here and there contemplating the crushed world in front of me. There was a vague field of thoughts and an extensive ocean of imaginations brought up by a vague composition which sounded a bit strange compared to what I previously had in mind; but anyway, I found it fulfilling somehow, though I have to admit that it was, at first, brutal and repulsive, if I may say.

Three hours later I needed a brake, I had to stop working on the painting. I decided to carry on with the work the following day, which later was postponed for more than a week. Do you know that thing: “ah…I will do it tomorrow” and coming tomorrow, same words escape from one’s mouth, but, somehow I managed to overcome the procrastination and finish the painting.

“Sonnet” (the title I gave the painting) gave me a field full of events and answers of questions groomed during years of my dedication to bring to the masses paths that lead to unknown world, in other words, all what I wanted/want was/is to harmonize senses, visions, illusions or dreams; who knows, one day one might find consolation/alleviation?!

This specific painting took me to think like a child, an adult and, in some points, like an old man. The combination of these three elements gave me a concise explanation or statement about what I felt or where my mind was that specific day/time. The thousand words are here in this painting, “Sonnet”.

Why Sonnet?

So, what is sonnet anyway? – According to the dictionary (Oxford), sonnet is “piece of verse containing fourteen ten-syllable lines rhymed according to one of several schemes, (loosely) any short poem”. And further more, in Wikipedia, it is like this: “…The term “sonnet” derives from the Occitan word sonet and the Italian word sonetto, both meaning “little song” or “little sound”. By the thirteenth century, it had come to signify a poem of fourteen lines that follows a strict rhyme scheme and specific structure…”

Now, going back to my idea, as I wanted something concise to express my thoughts and feelings, these words: “…strict rhyme scheme and specific structure…” caught my attention. So, I found the word “sonnet” meeting my needs, and also, I got additional inspiration from this quote from Moralia Plutarch, in How to Study Poetry:  “Painting is silent poetry.”

I found it very difficult to talk about my work; for I feel as spoiling its purpose. I would rather remain ignorant or silent about its true meaning, so that, whenever I am in front of it I may find my way in it. Once, Henry Moore said, “It is a mistake for a sculptor or a painter to speak or write very often about his job.  It releases tension needed for his work.”

It is not compulsory that I find the meaning today or tomorrow… Let time have its course and the work fulfill its purpose/destiny; if not in me, let it be in someone else life. Let me tell you something I never told anyone before, not all my artworks speak to me, and not all of them attract me. But, in every finished artwork I feel as I had fulfilled a purpose/mission, and anyway, I must feel proud of it.