In the efforts to “find himself” as an artist, Jemmiro has produced a number of works, notably “Fragments”, “Finding The Inner Child” and “Under The Moonlight”, the latter was featured in a solo exhibition.
He has recently become drawn to the Superblur movement, which he discovered on the internet and became interested in. “Saudades” is the word he uses to describe his work. It doesn’t have a direct translation in English but to Jemmiro it represents, as someone once said, “memories and moments in time” that are now gone and is akin to nostalgia but is more than that. “Saudade was once described as “the love that remains” after someone is gone.”

There is “too much technology” and “no more social life” according to Jemmiro, “no human contact”. His art expresses the longing for those days and moments in time when humans connected to each other instead of technology. His paintings “can be anywhere and anytime”, not qualified by time and space but rather by the memory of the human emotion captured on canvas.

by Agnessa Herkes