Two Sisters

“Two sisters” is a piece done in pencil, inspired by a real life story of two young sisters who are physically distant from each other, but the nostalgia somehow, keep them connected, though. They are emotionally close to each other and you can see how one talks about the other – it is evident in the countenance, the loving memories, and the inner conversation of both is a breath taking.

How is the drawing conceived?

It consists of both girls, one leaning on the other with their back to the viewers, and as they talk (according to what the drawing suggests), their eyes are fixed to the horizon contemplating a piece of art which they believe that only God almighty could paint. Their barefoot standing in a distant ground and the shaming features of both intrigues the viewers as one can feel as part of the girls talking.

The motion in the drawing, draws/paint extensive picture in one’s eyes, as feelings and emotions flow freely.

Their stunning beauty and complacence, which inspires any one to paint a classy picture or compose that romantic symphony to track ones way to a paradise somewhere in Africa, bring to the viewers nostalgia and, somehow, sense of well-being – somewhere in time, life has its mystery uncovered, and the beauty of things has to have its way in one’s life.

This art piece, “Two Sisters”, has captured the artist’s soul with bare hands, as it offers, not only the mere artist’s/artistic talk, but the emotions and feelings as well…..


Note: The painting was sold before I could take a proper picture and I lost the contact of the buyer.