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About Jemmiro' Artworks

Jemmiro in_the_studioI am inspired by daily questions and answers, human expressions and beauty; the unreliable world we live in; human life, humour, fantasies and dreams. I paint/ draw imaginary figures; some suggested, some realistic; I enjoy abstraction and placing this figures in evocative surreal atmospheres, which allows for primeval myths to surface; their humour and questions.

In printmaking, I choose techniques such as dry point for its delicacy; etching for a more aggressive mark, and mono printing for the technique's never ending element of surprise in mark making. I allow the subject matter, in all cases, to dictate the medium to use.

In paintings, I enjoy mixed medium, which so often results in chances "wow", moments of surprise. I manipulate the subject or the placement of the subject in most of my paintings, in order to bring out the elements mentioned above: myth, humour and questioning.

My colleagues often remark on what they call my "odd" approach to colour combinations; I believe this add a certain vibrancy to my work. I also often use undefined shapes, which I achieve by approaching line in an abstract manner. I like to draw the eyes into the depths of the painting; into strange, dreamy, mythological spaces; to afford the viewer’s moments of fantasy, and pleasure; to provoke emotions and feelings! Sometimes nostalgia surfaces...

In the course of time, some elements in my works opened doors to seek understanding regarding diversity of human nature as well as the adaptability: I believe that we are far stronger than what we give ourselves credit for… we are intelligent beyond measure. These aspect can be found in the complexity of some elements.